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No puppies planned at the moment.


06Alice-Dawn02006Alice-Dawn054Our small kennel is situated in the polder of Flevoland NL and is recognized since 2004 by the “Raad van


We exclusively breed Malinois with a FCI pedigree and only consider combinations from old and successful

working bloodlines KNPV and IPO.

We aim to breed stabile Malinois with a pedigree and excellent working capacity, medium body size,

good muscle structure, athletic body shape, great stamina and explosive speed.

We only breed when we want a puppy for ourselves.

Apart from good social behaviour, we find it of great importance that the dog can work in the following

disciplines: IPO, KNPV, fly ball, frisbee, search and rescue, obedience, sheep-herding and of course agility.

If he gets enough work to keep his mind and body happy and is well raised and socialized,

he can also be a good family dog.

Well-guided he will use his enormous energy for you, supporting you in your work, sport and

home in a satisfactory way.

We are member of the Dutch Belgian Sheppard club, the NVBH, ( Nederlandse Vereniging Belgische Herders).


pootjebutton A nest information, born 24 januari 2006                                                      

Françoise Le Serviteur Puissant and Twister van Quirijnen


Buying a Puppy :

Because we only breed our dogs once every 3 years the pups are spoken for a long time before they are born.

If you are interested in one of our pups you can let us know in advance and will be put on a reservation list.

A soon as the pups are born we will let everyone know on the list.

Until the pups are three weeks old, we will let nobody else but ourselves near  the litter to ensure that we keep infections out and give the mother and pups enough rest to grow.

From the fourth week on you can come and visit as much as you like, we always do this with an appointment to ensure we have enough time for everyone to see the pups.
At the age of seven weeks the pup may leave his brothers and sisters, he will have been treated against worms three times and have had his first puppy inoculation. We will help you with the choice of your pup.

Every pup will have been examined by a veterinarian, have a certificate of good health and a European Animal Passport. “Europeese Dieren paspoort
They will also have a registration Chip and proof of registration from the “Raad van Beheer”.
( FCI Pedigree)

Because we are very fond of our animals and spend a lot of time and energy in raising them and the socialisation of the pups, we of course hope our pups will find great homes.
We appreciate and find it only natural that interested new pup owners take the time and effort to visit our small kennel.
If you would like to visit out kennel or you have any questions or reactions please send us an e-mail of Telephone us.

We offer:

Permanent advice, before and after fetching your puppy.

Transparency en honesty.
A contract.

Deal is a deal.